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SU-KAM 10KVA/180V Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1-Phase Colossal Series
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Key Features

  • DSP based PWM technology using MOSFET
  • Fuzzy Logic Charging algorithm suitable for all type of batteries
  • Constant voltage and frequency
  • User friendly display and operation
  • Auto self test on LCD Panel
  • LCD panel for remedial actions & water topping alerts
  • Smart short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery polarity protection
  • Free of spikes and surges
  • Runs heavy loads‎,‎In built TDR point for compressor based applications
  • Power fail duration on LCD panel
  • Other important requirements for a 10kva installation‎:‎15 units of 12v batteries
  • 1 unit of 15‎‐battery rack‎,‎3 units of 48v battery equalizer ‎(‎optional‎)‎
  • Installation cables ‎(‎we include this in the installation cost‎)‎
  • Estimated load capacity of the 10KVA Sukam Inverter‎:‎1 Fridge
  • 8 Fans‎,‎8 Lighting Points
  • 1 DSTV Decoder
  • 1 LCD T‎.‎V or Plasma
  • 1 Music System
  • 1 PC
  • 2 Air conditioner
  • 1 Water Dispenser

The Su‎‐Kam 10KVA/180V Colossal series inverter is a high output capacity digital pure sine wave inverter offering robust backup performance‎.‎ The 10kva Sukam inverter will power most equipment in your home or office‎.‎

The Sukam 10KVA inverter is a 180V inverter‎,‎ which means that it requires a battery bank of 15 units of 12V batteries‎.‎ Recommended batteries are ideally up to 200Ah for optimum backup capacity‎,‎ though lower capacities can be used‎.‎ Again‎,‎ deep discharge ‎(‎deep cycle‎)‎ batteries are best for power backup systems‎,‎ to achieve satisfactory performance‎.‎