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Su-Kam 3.5kva Inverter - 3.5KVA/48V Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter & Commercial UPS with 1 Year Sukam Warranty
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The Multipower 3.5kva/48v Fusion Series inverter and commercial UPS offers a sizable capacity for power backup‎.‎ This Multipower inverter capacity can support most appliances in the home or office‎,‎ excluding only the heavy power users like air conditioners and deep freezers‎.‎ 

While the manufacturer‎,‎ Multi Power‎,‎ actually lists the 3.5kva/48V Fusion Series as capable of supporting a small air conditioning unit‎,‎ we would rather you leave out your air conditioner or freezer from your load for this capacity‎.‎ That will help achieve better power backup performance for your setup‎.‎

The 3.5kva/48V Multipowerinverter provides a UPS mode to ensure that even the most sensitive equipment runs uninterrupted during system switch‎‐over to battery supply‎.‎ As a result‎,‎ your computer‎,‎ plasma TV or other appliances continue to run without a break or reboot‎,‎ even when no external UPS has been installed‎.‎ When power fails‎,‎ the switch‎‐over is not only automatic but also instant and seamless‎.‎ This protects your precious equipment‎.‎ With the Multipower3.5kva/48V‎,‎ you need no extra investment in a separate UPS as this unit is designed to serve both purposes‎.‎

What‎'‎s more‎,‎ the Multipower 3.5kva/48V Fusion Series inverter is a Pure Sine Wave inverter‎,‎ delivering the best quality of power that will keep your equipment protected‎.‎ Use this inverter for sensitive equipment to enhance their durability‎.‎

Key Features

‎‐ DSP based PWM technology using MOSFET for high‎‐speed processing
‎‐ Fuzzy Logic Charging algorithm suitable for all type of batteries‎,‎ for best battery performance
‎‐ Pure sine wave power output
‎‐ 100% clean‎,‎ regulated and totally stable‎,‎ distortion‎‐free power‎,‎ ideal for sophisticated equipment
‎‐ Instant switchover ‎‐ your PC
Battery and Load Level indications on LCD panel for ease of monitoring
‎‐ Built‎‐in Multimeter for displaying Input Voltage
‎‐ LCD panel for remedial actions and water topping alerts
‎‐ Smart short circuit protection
‎‐ Reverse battery polarity protection
‎‐ Free of spikes and surges
‎‐ Runs heavy loads
‎‐ Built‎‐in TDR point for compressor‎‐ based applications
Power fail duration on LCD panel