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Overview & Full Specifications of Microtek Soho SW Sine Wave 2.2KVA Inverter

It is important for every home to have an inverter these days as the issue of power cuts have become very frequent.  The Microtek Soho Sinewave 2.2KVA Inverter is one among the Soho series that flaunts superior features and performance. 

Size and Dimensions:

This Sinewave 2.2KVA Inverter from the house of Microtek is designed to be in a compact size and has a strong exterior supported by a design with 3 side grill that makes it a durable one. It has a power ON and OFF switch in red on the front and has two rows of indicator glowing bulbs to denote the status of the inverter. The compact design of this inverter makes it easily portable and fits snugly even at small places in the room. It also has points for charging the battery at the back.

Technical Features:

This Microtek inverter arrives with the three battery system that lets it to offer power for many hours without any hassles. It utilizes the micro controlled DSP design technology to generate power. It also has the Intellicharge Pulse Technology that helps in charging the battery much quickly and better life for the battery. The Dura retain technology offers long hours of back up that makes it ideal for regions with long hours of power cuts. The CCRC or constant plus continuous regulated charging ability saves electricity as it charges the battery much faster. 

Power Output:

It has a wider range of voltage from 110 V to 310 V and has the ability to produce voltage of 200 V to 230 V. It can perform with 50 Hz to 0.1 Hz while on the UPS mode and can switch between main mode to UPS automatically, saving you the trouble of doing it everyday. 
Noise Levels: NA

Any Other Features:

It can produce a power of 36 V that is helpful to make 7 fans, 7 tube lights, 1 fridge or motor and 1 TV.



Microtek Soho SW Sine Wave 2.2KVA Inverter Specs